Landfall On The Isle of Scagnar

The docks and arsenal of Scagnar Harbor look inviting considering your voyage to get here. Long ships, called Serpents or Dragons, are moored here. Some are being repaired, some outfitted for trade or raiding. Some are being loaded with cargo. If your Serpent ship, round ship or tarn ship makes a safe landing, do not drop your guard. Wary eyes of many dock workers, warriors and free men watch you as you walk from your ship and across the docks. Perhaps you are followed, perhaps not, but you are certainly noticed and watched.

At the port of call, you are met by a warrior of Torvaldsland, fair haired, tall and brawny. He blocks your path, two other warriors stand behind him, all are armed with heavy two handed war axes. The guard demands to know your business. Think carefully before answering him, for your life could hinge on your reply.
You are escorted by the armed guards through the port of call and trading village of Scagnar. The guards watch your every movement. Many lodges, cabins and buildings can be seen in the port of call. You can smell the wood burning and the molten metal of the metal smith and iron works shops. The Great Hall of Scagnar, which once belonged to Thorgard, sits in the center of the village.

The Great Hall is a building with one long hall and rooms, offices, chambers and quarters off both sides of the hall. Inside, a massive table runs almost a third of the length down the center of the Hall. Cooking fires are constantly burning. A great carved circle is visible in the stone floor of the hall, the circle of the bond maids and thralls. Anyone entering the circle, according to Torvaldslander law, becomes a bond maid or thrall. You are escorted to the Jarl of the Isles and the Captains of Scagnar. Their eyes seem to look into the depths of your soul. It would be difficult to deceive these men. Behind them beautiful bond maids and strong thralls await, ready too serve at just a word.

The Jarl speaks "What brings you to the Isles, stranger?"