Approaching The Isle of Scagnar

The Isle may only be approached from the sea on a ship.

The island is hundreds of passangs from the nearest land, tarns are known to turn on their riders and rend them to pieces when forced to fly over water (taken from "Raiders of Gor"). Attempts to fly tarns carried shipboard from the sea to the island would find the approach extremely dangerous due to shifting winds, which might dash both rider and bird to pieces on the jagged rocks of the shoreline.

As you approach the island in the far north of the Torvaldsland, you strain to see the shorelines through the chill and the icy mists that shroud your view. You have heard the legends and tales about this place and have chosen to visit the Isle of Scagnar.

The approach and landfall into Scagnar is treacherous. Even experienced sailors are wary of the shoals, choppy waves and rough surf. There is only one safe landfall, Scagnar Harbor. Shallow shoals and rough seas prevent any other approaches to the island. The shallow shoals tear the bottoms out of crafts and drown the sailors and passengers of those foolish enough to try another landfall.