About The Isle of Scagnar

The Isle of Scagnar is a theme room based on the science fiction books by John Norman about Gor, the counter Earth. Gor is a harsh world where men dominate, women are sometimes enslaved, and arguments are settled violently. Remember, the word for stranger and enemy is the same on Gor.

The Isle of Scagnar is located in the north Thassa Sea and inhabited by Torvaldslanders, descendants of the Vikings of Earth. A port of call and trading village has sprung up on Scagnar, since the days the Isle was in the possession of Thorgard. The port of call is rich with the spoils of shrewd trading, and plunder from pirating and raiding. An active agriculture on the Island is evident. The rich, abundant volcanic soils of the Isle are conducive to crops such as suls and sa-tarna. Verr, bosk and tarsk are feeding in the nearby fields and watched by slaves. Bee hives and honey production are being tended by thralls. Whaling and commercial fishing for parsit encompass much of the industry of the Isle. Rich sorp beds off the coast of the Isle support a thriving pearl industry. Wealthy pearl trading merchants and their shops are found in the village. Scagnar pearls are sought all over Gor for their brilliance and luster. Hot springs which occur all over the island and the warmth of the Current of Torvald keep Island temperatures more moderate than most of mainland Torvaldsland.

Currently, the Isle of Scagnar is the base of operations for the network of islands off the coast of mainland Torvaldsland. These Isles, under the control and protection of the Torvaldslanders of Scagnar, include Hunjer, Skjern and several barren, unnamed islands in the north Thassa sea.

The Torvaldslander community of Scagnar is very close knit and strangers are looked on with extreme suspicion. A marked assassin disembarking would be immediately slain by theTorvaldslanders. An unmarked assassin might be allowed entrance to the Isle of Scagnar, although assuming the mark while on the Isle could mean his immediate death.

The Torvaldslanders of the Isle of Scagnar are very protective of each other and their home. Challenge a Torvaldsland warrior, harass a Torvaldsland free woman, abuse a slave without just cause, and you will die or lose your freedom at the Jarl's discretion. Theft of a slave or kidnap of a person from the Isle of Scagnar is almost impossible, since the only entry and exit of the island is through the one safe harbor, and through the warriors and people of the port of call.

Friendly visitors and those having trade and commercial interests in the Isle of Scagnar are welcomed and treated well by the Torvaldslanders because of their potential for bringing profit to the Isle.